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I’m back! Breakfast: 8/14/12

Sorry for my long absence. I hate this cliche, but it’s so damn apt…life got in the way, so I didn’t post for a bit. It’s a bummer, because I ate some pretty rad stuff during that time. I’m coming with a breakfast bang, here’s what I had this morning (and a recipe)! This breakfast featured one vegan Whoopie Pie from Maine, one vegan Rice Krispie treat, and one delicious container of Coconut Milk yogurt, which is the best thing ever.

Vegan Rice Krispie Treats

  • 1 10 oz. container Stephanies Ricemellow Crème (vegan marshmallow fluff, guys…word)
  • 6 cups puffed rice cereal (feel free to go crazy and get a chocolate version if you like – Whole Foods has a vegan version)
  • 6 tablespoons vegan margarine
  • Those are the only essential ingredients, but I added vegan M&M’s—straight outta London town. Chocolate chips would be super good, or add some peanut butter!

This recipe really couldn’t be easier. Start with a large, dutch oveny pot, dump the whole darn container of Ricemellow Crème into the pot, along with the vegan margarine, and heat it over low to medium heat, stirring frequently. It won’t take long for  it to get to a creamy consistency. This is when you dump in your puffed rice cereal. I recommend doing it 3 cups at a time. Stir it up until its mixed well, and remove from heat. Now, it’s choose your own adventure time. Go to (a) if you’re not mixing anything in. Go to (b) if you’ve got mix-ins.

(a)    Dude, you’re totally almost done! Go to (c) if you’re ready to finish this recipe and relax!

(b)   It’s time to add your mix-in. You want to make sure your pot is removed from the heat, because you don’t want your M&Ms or chocolate chips to melt (the choco chips will probably still melt a little bit, but it’s gonna do so in an awesome way that’s going to spread chocolately goodness into every bite of treat, so fret not). So, mix in whatever you’ve got until it’s evenly distributed in the mixture. You’re so close! Pour yourself a glass of wine, get ready to put your feet up, and go to (c), because you’re almost done.

(c)    Now you just need to get a casserole dish and spread your cereal-mallow evenly in the pan. Press down pretty hard on the top when you’re done – that’ll help cement everything together. You just have one more thing to do, and that is to STOP! DON’T YOU DARE EAT THOSE RICE KRISPIE TREATS NOW. Go into the bathroom and brush your teeth if you have to — that’ll make them taste gross. Then put them in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes, but preferably an hour. This step is essential because it helps to solidify the crème, and keep the treats together. So, go walk your dog, go for a run, take a bath, eat a salad, whatever…just be patient and don’t blink…err…don’t eat the treats until after you’ve let them set up in the refrigerator.



Lunch: 4/28/12

This lunch was procured at the Everlasting Life DC stand at Baltimore VegFest! What you see here is a vegan Chik’n wing, a vegan Chik’n patty, and a precious side of mac & cheese (we got the last two servings of mac & cheese – some dude tried to cut in front of us, but you know we weren’t having that). After walking around for a while, we realized we needed some dessert and returned to the Everlasting Life DC booth for some sugary sustenance in the form of a Red Velvet Cupcake!


Breakfast: 4/28/12

Breakfast hash! Hashbrowns, Lightlife Sausage, Green Pepper, Green Onions, and Daiya Shredded Mozzarella, covered with Taco Bell Hot Sauce (the kind that comes in a jar, not the kind that comes in a packet, which is superior).

Dinner: 4/27/12

When I heard that Founding Farmers was rolling out a new vegan menu, I was disappointed (because its Tofu & Chips were my FAVORITE dish in the city), but I was stoked to try some new things. I decided pretty early on that I was going to try the Bacon Burger, mostly because a picture I’d seen made it look pretty awesome. So I went with that, and Joel got the Meatloaf. When the entrees arrived and we started eating, I was so bummed! So, Founding Farmers is doing this new localvore, where they source everything from local farmers (this is a good thing, yes), unfortunately, and the burger was a patty fashioned from rice and beans – not so much flavor. The meatloaf? A patty fashioned from rice and beans with ketchup on top. Sad face, Founding Farmers. Founding Farmers does have AWESOME fries, though (my only complaint is that they give you, literally, a few teaspoons of ketchup — the little side cup they give you isn’t even half full – boo).

In fairness to Founding Farmers, my tastes tend toward the unhealthy, so for folks who may be into “healthier” flavors, this new menu may tickle your fancy. Unfortunately, it didn’t tickle mine, which is disappointing.

Lunch: 4/27/12

I love Everlasting Life Chik’n Sandwich day at work!

Snack: 4/27/12

Berries are my favorite.

Breakfast: 4/27/12

This time, I made doughnuts (the wonderful recipe from Chloe’s Kitchen again) for my wonderful colleagues! (They were happy.)